Lake Baccarac – Sinaloa Mexico

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Lake Baccarac is a bass fishermans paradise. Lake Baccarac was stocked in 1978 with Florida strain largemouth bass. The lake is 25 miles long, five miles wide and is 30,000 acres at full pool. The lake record and the Central American record were set in 1993 by Bruce Knutson with a 19.10 lb largemouth bass. With minimal fishing pressure, catch & release regulations, mild year round climate, and a constantly reproducing forage base of tilapia and shad, Baccarac bass grow very large, very quickly! Because of this, the lake is full of absolute giants. Along with the giants that live in Baccarac, the lake is loaded with 4-8lbs fish that will rip the rod right out of your hands.

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Lake Comedero – Sinaloa Mexico

With 34,000 plus acres of open water, you very seldom see other anglers. With a lake record of over 19 pounds, the lake holds an abundance of double digit bass. Our guides are local tilapia fishermen who have many many years of extensive knowledge of the lake, where the big fish live, and what the current hot bait is. Whether its topwater action, crankbaits, jigs, or soft plastics bite, you can use all your techniques down on Lake Comedero.

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